About Fox-Becker Granite & Memorial Company

Fox-Becker Granite Company has served Connecticut families for over 100 years. Started in 1898 on the South side of Rapallo Avenue, Middletown, Fox-Becker moved to the North side for better access to the rail line. It is now located at 10 Rapallo Avenue, in Middletown, Connecticut, between Main Street and Route 9 in the North End, where it is a landmark with many locals and Wesleyan University fine arts students. The latter find our age old trade fascinating and our 33 feet high on-site derrick a captivating photography subject with an interesting history to its origins! Through commitment to quality, attention to detail and real customer service Fox-Becker continues to provide their customers with fine and fitting memorials. Whether designing a family memorial, an individual memorial or a community memorial you can count on the staff at Fox-Becker to guide you through the process. John B. Sterry, Jr's (President) underlying philosophy behind all jobs at Fox-Becker is "Qualita Prima Di Tutto ~~ Quality Before All Else".

Unfazed by strong competition from younger and smaller memorial companies nearby, Fox-Becker has built a strong reputation as the premier granite memorialist in Middletown over the years. Among its more notable work are memorials designed for the former Governor of Connecticut Chester Bowles, and his wife, at River View Cemetery in Essex; renowned writer & novelist William Manchester, and his wife, at Indian Hill cemetery; former Governor and Legislator of Connecticut William E. Baldwin, at Indian Hill Cemetery; Middlesex Superior Courts dedication signage in memory of William Baldwin; and more recently, the Portland Veterans' Memorial honoring all Portland veterans, dead or alive, for their bravery in the 1st & 2nd World Wars, The Korean, Vietnam & Persian Gulf Wars. The final product now stands on a site at the local Town Hall, symbolizing the year-long labor and dedication put into making this project of almost 1,500 names a reality and permanent reminder.

In 2006, Fox-Becker was once again chosen to be part of the Rock of Ages Authorized Retail Network, organized to preserve the quality standards of their memorials. This group comprises only the finest memorialists in North America. Rock of Ages believes that it is the largest quarrier, manufacturer and retailer of finished granite memorials and granite blocks for memorial use in North America. It is also the worlds largest manufacturer and retailer of granite memorials based on revenues. As one of only 13 authorized Rock of Ages Retailers in Connecticut, Fox-Becker Granite is certified to carry all of the Rock of Ages branded memorials. Each memorial is supported by the "Rock of Ages Perpetual Warranty". Fox-Becker believes that the Rock of Ages Trademark is one of the oldest and best known brand names still in existence. When you want peace of mind, you simply can't buy better than Rock of Ages!