Memorial & Monument Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to have a memorial stone installed?
A: Most jobs are completed in six to eight weeks weeks depending on how intricate the work is. With a large inventory and a full time shop, Fox-Becker Granite isn't so dependent on the large manufacturers. One deciding factor is the completion of the concrete foundation in the cemetery. Cemetery work schedules, weather and ground conditions determine when a foundation can be constructed.
Q: I've never purchased a memorial before. How do I know I'm buying the right thing?
A: Like other major purchases, the purchase of a memorial should be a family decision. At Fox-Becker Granite, we sincerely want you to make an informed decision. We spend time with each family explaining the product and going over the options. We are dedicated to designing a memorial to fit your budget, your present needs and the future needs of your family. Please call us in advance for an appointment so that we are not surprised by your visit and can obtain the necessary cemetery information to advise you accordingly. When you contact Fox-Becker, we will attempt to collect as much information as possible from you to be able to help you appropriately during your visit. More often than not, following your call, we will "do our homework" with the cemetery to verify the rules governing your cemetery plot before meeting with you.
Q: How much do memorials cost today?
A: Many factors go into the development of a quality memorial. The main factors are: quality of the stock used, size, finish, lettering style, floral carving and cemetery fees specific to your cemetery. Many customers do not realize this when they call and just "want to know how much". All these factors need to be determined before any prices can be quoted. Today, simple memorials start around $650.00 (up to about 50 letters) while a family monument can range from $3,000.00 to $20,000.00, complete with Lettering, Installation and Sales Tax. It is not uncommon for more elaborate memorials to exceed $20,000.00.
Q: What is a foundation?
A: A foundation is the underlying support, and must be constructed properly. A minimum of three feet deep, the bottom should be flat and slightly larger than the footprint of the memorial itself. Once filled with properly mixed concrete and allowed to cure, it will support the memorial for many years. At Fox-Becker Granite, we prefer to do our own foundations because we have the knowledge and the proper equipment to do them correctly. We use 3000 P.S.I. concrete mixed at the cemetery by a mobile concrete plant.
Q: Why is the concrete foundation so important?
A: The foundation must support the weight of the memorial and withstand the extremes of weather and temperature. An average family memorial can weigh nearly 2000 pounds. If not done correctly, "freeze-thaw" weather conditions (like in New England) will cause the soil around the foundation to shift, and over the years, this movement will result in the foundation "popping" from below the monument. An uneven foundation will cause the monument to eventually topple over, especially if the upright part of the monument is loose from the base of the monument.
Q: When I visit the cemetery, why are some of the stones tipping or falling over?
A: Most often a poor foundation is to blame. The original person either didn't understand the importance of a good foundation or didn't care. Sometimes it is caused when a grave is opened for a burial. Being a full service monument company, we also remove and replace foundations when they no longer support the weight of the memorial.
Q: Do you remove the stone to add a name or date to it?
A: No. Most of the time with the use of specialized equipment the work can be completed at the cemetery plot.
Q: Are arrangements made over the phone or in your office?
A: Many arrangements are made personally at our office but about 25 percent are made over the phone. When a customer visits our office, having 50 different monuments of all shapes, colors and sizes available to view is very helpful. We also have several albums and design books for customers to refer to at the office. In either case, with the Monu-Cad system, one of only two in Connecticut, we can offer our customers in-house custom design. It is adviseable for a customer to visit us at the office if a customized design is desired. Simple markers, lettering or duplication of an existing memorial can usually be handled over the phone. We also offer home appointments for those who find it difficult to visit our office.
Q: With all the brochures and letters I received, how can I be sure to do business with the right company?
A: The company must be knowledgeable, professional and willing to take the time to listen to your needs. Anyone who calls you just a few days after the funeral or urges you to make a hasty decision, does not have your best interests in mind. At Fox-Becker Granite, we believe that only you know when the time is right. We often encourage customers to postpone the selection when we find they are still grieving. A dealer interested only in quickly selling you a block of stone, needs only to know the size and price that you have in mind. Fox-Becker differentiates itself from its competitors by the time it devotes to unmatched quality and personalization.