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Fox-Becker Granite Company is located at 10 Rapallo Avenue, in Middletown, Connecticut, between Main Street and Route 9 in the North End. Started in 1898 on the South side of Rapallo Avenue, Fox-Becker moved to the North side in 1900 for better access to the rail line for freight purposes.

Through commitment to quality, attention to detail and real customer service Fox-Becker continues to thrive by providing their customers with fine and fitting memorials. Whether designing a family memorial, an individual memorial or a community memorial you can count on the staff at Fox-Becker to guide you through the process knowledgeably and efficiently.

With more than 100 years of success and experience under its belt, Fox-Becker continues to serve generations of families, standing by its mantra philosophy "Qualita Prima Di Tutto", translated to mean "Quality Before All Else".
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